Booking Form

Takhman28 - A group of experimental artists
Charak Marg, OTC scheme, Udaipur(Rajasthan)
Application form for booking of the Art Gallery(Kalavithi) for the year of 2020-2021
(Tel.-President +91 8118891398 Secretary +91 9214460803)
The Secretary
Date :
Dear sir,
This is with regards to the booking of the takhman Art Gallery A/B/C.
I hereby agree to the following -
1. I have gone through the gallery rules and understood to follow the same (as mentioned at the web site)
I am enclosing here with few photographs of my recent work and each of the artists in my group. I will
ensure that the name of the artist is mentioned on the back of each of the photographs and the bio data shall be enclosed.
I have taken note of the below mentioned contribution for the requisite gallery
For Indian Citizen :- For foreigner
2. Application for show :-
3. Name of the artist for solo show :-
4. Name of the artist & medium for group show (Max. 8 artists per gallery):
1. 2.
3. 4.
5. 6.
7. 8.
5. Name of the Exhibitor for commercial Purpose
Name of the exhibing artists
6. Address : Telephone No. E-mail
7. Aadhar No.
8. Date of Birth
9. Details of qualification(experience in the field of visual art)
10.Details of Recognitions received at the State/National level(if any)
11. Preference of dates
12. I have submittied the following documents alongwith the application form
Copy of Aadhar Card : Image
Bio-data with artist/exhibitor photo : PDF File
Self attested photograph of the art work to be exhibited : Image
Certification : Image
After conformation gallery booking, deposit amount
Booking conformation will be informed by email/What's app/or telephonice
Takhman28 A/C UCO Bank - No. 15830100003683 = IFS Code: UCBA0001583
Name of the Artist -
Signature of the Artist -